Published in Khaleej Times on June 30, 2019


Globally renowned as an elite business hub, the UAE boasts an enviable location, connectivity, friendly economic environment and formidable regulations for business set-up. However, newcomers often come across challenges that could cause months of delays in operations — from missing documents to lack of attestation, among others.

Bringing convenience to entrepreneurs, two professionals, Hussein Aladdin and Azhar Khushi, with their vast experience in UAE, decided to establish Wide Range Corporate Services Provider – a Dubai based company.

The unique solution will get your company up and running within just 24 hours.

“This is a competitive sector with many people involved, however, most companies don’t know what they are doing and mess up with the documentation, leaving their clients doubtful. In business, speed and accuracy are essential, and this is where our unique style comes in,” said Hussein Aladdin, Partner & Manager of Wide Range Corporate Services Provider.

With state-of-the-art solutions and a specialized team that possesses years of experience, Wide Range Business is well-versed in the procedures required to set up a business in the UAE successfully. The company assists their clients in any type/activity of company formation, provides well Qualified Local sponsor, fully furnished offices and all kind of external department approvals like, RTA, DHA, DUBAI MUNICIPALITY, DHA, KDA, CIVIL DEFENCE, INDUSTRIAL APPROVBAL, MINISTRY OF INTERIOR, etc…

We also assist our clients to proceed their staff visa, take care of license renewal, quota inspection and even opening a new bank account.

“Our focus is to help businessmen eliminate all the hassle and documentation for setting up a business in Dubai. We handle all the process from A to Z at very competitive rates compared to the market, with a promise to complete business set-up within 48 hours.

We know how to handle things, so in case of minor issues, we don’t bother our clients,” he added.

Mr. Hussein Aladdin – Managing Director

Wide Range Business arranges investor visas, clears documents and related stamps,

“Setting up a new company can be a tedious process, especially for those who do not know how to do it. We had recently conducted a survey and found that entrepreneurs took around one and half months to complete all procedures themselves. Hence, they would prefer to hand over this task to professionals, such as Wide Range Business, where we do it in 24 hours,” he said.

Wide Range Business also boasts a presence in Cyprus, which focuses on bringing European clients and businessmen to set up their company in Dubai.

“The economy is picking up again, and there is a growing interest in setting up a new company. A recent report by the Dubai Economic Department, for instance, shows that there has been a rise in new company establishments by 23 per cent, which is an impressive figure. Of course, the Expo 2020 also has had some effect on this on a global scale. As someone who has lived in Cyprus and travels throughout Europe, I can safely say that Dubai is globally known as an elite business hub. It is located between three continents, its airports are well-connected, and its new infrastructure, notably e-governance, are guiding new businesspeople well,” Aladdin concluded.

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